Presidential Weights

  • William H. Taft was the heaviest president at 340 pounds (154.2 kg).
  • James Madison was the lightest president at 100 pounds (45.4 kg).
  • The average weight of the first 44 presidents is 182 pounds (82.7 kg).
  • The weights listed below reflect the best information available. Weights fluctuated over time or were not accurately measured.

Rank#PresidentWeight (lbs)Weight (kg)
127William H. Taft340 lbs154.2 kg
222 & 24Grover Cleveland260 lbs117.9 kg
345Donald J. Trump239 lbs108.4 kg
421Chester A. Arthur224 lbs101.6 kg
542Bill Clinton223 lbs101.2 kg
626Theodore Roosevelt210 lbs95.3 kg
736Lyndon B. Johnson200 lbs90.7 kg
825William McKinley199 lbs90.3 kg
915James Buchanan198 lbs89.8 kg
1041George H. W. Bush196 lbs88.9 kg
1143George W. Bush191 lbs86.6 kg
1238Gerald R. Ford190 lbs86.2 kg
135James Monroe189 lbs85.7 kg
1432Franklin D. Roosevelt188 lbs85.3 kg
1531Herbert Hoover187 lbs84.8 kg
1640Ronald Reagan185 lbs83.9 kg
1720James A. Garfield184 lbs83.5 kg
1816Abraham Lincoln180 lbs81.6 kg
1844Barack Obama180 lbs81.6 kg
201George Washington175 lbs79.4 kg
206John Quincy Adams175 lbs79.4 kg
2019Rutherford B. Hayes175 lbs79.4 kg
2037Richard M. Nixon175 lbs79.4 kg
243Thomas Jefferson174 lbs78.9 kg
2411James K. Polk174 lbs78.9 kg
2413Millard Fillmore174 lbs78.9 kg
2417Andrew Johnson174 lbs78.9 kg
2829Warren G. Harding173 lbs78.5 kg
2835John F. Kennedy173 lbs78.5 kg
3034Dwight D. Eisenhower171 lbs77.6 kg
3112Zachary Taylor170 lbs77.1 kg
3128Woodrow Wilson170 lbs77.1 kg
3333Harry S. Truman167 lbs75.7 kg
348Martin Van Buren164 lbs74.4 kg
359William Henry Harrison162 lbs73.5 kg
3610John Tyler160 lbs72.6 kg
3623Benjamin Harrison160 lbs72.6 kg
3639Jimmy Carter160 lbs72.6 kg
3918Ulysses S. Grant156 lbs70.8 kg
402John Adams150 lbs68.0 kg
4130Calvin Coolidge148 lbs67.1 kg
4214Franklin Pierce144 lbs65.3 kg
437Andrew Jackson140 lbs63.5 kg
444James Madison100 lbs45.4 kg

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