Length of Marriage

  • On October 16, 2019 Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter passed George H. W. Bush and his wife, Barbara's record for the longest marriage of 73 years 101 days.
  • The shortest marriage was Theodore Roosevelt and his first wife, Alice, which ended after 3 years 110 days when she passed away from Bright's disease shortly after the birth of their first child.
  • The average length of the presidents' marriages is 33 years.
  • James Buchanan is the only president to never have been married.
  • Richard M. Nixon's wife, Pat, died the day after their 53rd wedding anniversary.
  • Only Reagan and Trump have been divorced.
  • Seven presidents have been married twice.
  • Only Trump has been married three times.
  • + Second marriage
  • ++ Third marriage
  • * indicates the president is still married. Those presidents' marriage lengths were calculated on 20 Jan 2021.

Rank#PresidentLength of Marriage
139Jimmy Carter74 years 197 days *
241George H. W. Bush73 years 101 days
338Gerald R. Ford58 years 72 days
42John Adams54 years 3 days
533Harry S. Truman53 years 181 days
637Richard M. Nixon53 years 1 day
734Dwight D. Eisenhower52 years 270 days
840Ronald Reagan52 years 93 days +
96John Quincy Adams50 years 212 days
1017Andrew Johnson48 years 243 days
119William Henry Harrison45 years 134 days
1242Bill Clinton45 years 10 days *
1331Herbert Hoover44 years 331 days
145James Monroe44 years 219 days
1527William H. Taft43 years 262 days
1646Joe Biden43 years 217 days + *
1743George W. Bush43 years 76 days *
184James Madison41 years 287 days
191George Washington40 years 342 days
2032Franklin D. Roosevelt40 years 26 days
2112Zachary Taylor40 years 18 days
2223Benjamin Harrison39 years 5 days
2336Lyndon B. Johnson38 years 66 days
2418Ulysses S. Grant36 years 335 days
2519Rutherford B. Hayes36 years 177 days
267Andrew Jackson34 years 338 days
2726Theodore Roosevelt32 years 35 days +
2829Warren G. Harding32 years 25 days
2925William McKinley30 years 232 days
3010John Tyler29 years 165 days
3128Woodrow Wilson29 years 43 days
3214Franklin Pierce29 years 13 days
3330Calvin Coolidge27 years 93 days
3413Millard Fillmore27 years 53 days
3544Barack Obama28 years 110 days *
3611James K. Polk25 years 166 days
3720James A. Garfield22 years 312 days
3816Abraham Lincoln22 years 162 days
3922 & 24Grover Cleveland22 years 22 days
4021Chester A. Arthur20 years 79 days
4110John Tyler17 years 206 days +
4213Millard Fillmore16 years 26 days +
4345Donald J. Trump15 years 363 days ++ *
4445Donald J. Trump13 years 249 days
458Martin Van Buren11 years 349 days
463Thomas Jefferson10 years 249 days
4735John F. Kennedy10 years 71 days
4840Ronald Reagan9 years 154 days
4928Woodrow Wilson8 years 47 days +
5046Joe Biden6 years 113 days
5145Donald J. Trump5 years 170 days +
5223Benjamin Harrison4 years 341 days +
5326Theodore Roosevelt3 years 110 days
-15James BuchananNever married

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