Inaugural Address Lengths

  • William Henry Harrison had the longest inaugural address at 8,460 words and took one hour and 45 minutes to deliver. This was 3,000 words more than Taft's which was the second longest.
  • George Washington's second inaugural address was the shortest at 135 words. It lasted less than two minutes.
  • The average length of a presidential inaugural address is 2,337 words.
  • Five presidents did not give inaugural addresses.

Rank#PresidentYearLength in Words
19William Henry Harrison18418460
227William H. Taft19095434
311James K. Polk18454809
45James Monroe18214472
523Benjamin Harrison18894392
630Calvin Coolidge19254055
725William McKinley18973968
88Martin Van Buren18373843
931Herbert Hoover19293672
1016Abraham Lincoln18613637
115James Monroe18173375
1214Franklin Pierce18533336
1329Warren G. Harding19213329
1420James A. Garfield18812979
156John Quincy Adams18252915
1615James Buchanan18572831
1740Ronald Reagan19852561
1819Rutherford B. Hayes18772486
1934Dwight D. Eisenhower19532459
2040Ronald Reagan19812427
2144Barack Obama20092395
222John Adams17972321
2341George H. W. Bush19892320
2433Harry S. Truman19492273
2525William McKinley19012218
263Thomas Jefferson18052166
2742Bill Clinton19972155
2837Richard M. Nixon19692128
2944Barack Obama20132096
3043George W. Bush20052071
3124Grover Cleveland18932015
3232Franklin D. Roosevelt19331880
3332Franklin D. Roosevelt19371808
3437Richard M. Nixon19731803
353Thomas Jefferson18011730
3628Woodrow Wilson19131704
3722Grover Cleveland18851686
3834Dwight D. Eisenhower19571658
3942Bill Clinton19931598
4043George W. Bush20011592
4128Woodrow Wilson19171526
4236Lyndon B. Johnson19651507
4345Donald J. Trump20171433
441George Washington17891431
4535John F. Kennedy19611366
4632Franklin D. Roosevelt19411359
4718Ulysses S. Grant18731339
4839Jimmy Carter19771229
494James Madison18131211
504James Madison18091177
517Andrew Jackson18331176
527Andrew Jackson18291128
5318Ulysses S. Grant18691127
5412Zachary Taylor18491090
5526Theodore Roosevelt1905984
5616Abraham Lincoln1865700
5732Franklin D. Roosevelt1945559
581George Washington1793135
-10John TylerDid not give an inaugural address.
-13Millard FillmoreDid not give an inaugural address.
-17Andrew JohnsonDid not give an inaugural address.
-21Chester A. ArthurDid not give an inaugural address.
-38Gerald R. FordDid not give an inaugural address.

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