Executive Orders

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt issued more executive orders than any other president - 3,728. He is also the only president to average more than 300 per year.
  • William Henry Harrison is the only president to have never issued an executive order.
  • John Adams, Madison, and Monroe issued the fewest executive orders while serving at least one full term - one.
  • Ulysses S. Grant was the first president to issue more than 100 executive orders.
  • Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to issue more than 1,000 executive orders.
  • * incumbent

Rank#PresidentExecutive Orders
132Franklin D. Roosevelt3,728
228Woodrow Wilson1,803
330Calvin Coolidge1,203
426Theodore Roosevelt1,081
531Herbert Hoover968
633Harry S. Truman907
727William H. Taft724
829Warren G. Harding522
934Dwight D. Eisenhower484
1040Ronald Reagan381
1142Bill Clinton364
1237Richard M. Nixon346
1336Lyndon B. Johnson325
1439Jimmy Carter320
1543George W. Bush291
1644Barack Obama276
1722 & 24Grover Cleveland253
1818Ulysses S. Grant217
1935John F. Kennedy214
2045Donald J. Trump193 *
2125William McKinley185
2238Gerald R. Ford169
2341George H. W. Bush166
2423Benjamin Harrison143
2521Chester A. Arthur96
2619Rutherford B. Hayes92
2717Andrew Johnson79
2816Abraham Lincoln48
2914Franklin Pierce35
3011James K. Polk18
3110John Tyler17
3215James Buchanan16
337Andrew Jackson12
3313Millard Fillmore12
358Martin Van Buren10
361George Washington8
3720James A. Garfield6
3812Zachary Taylor5
393Thomas Jefferson4
406John Quincy Adams3
415James Monroe1
414James Madison1
412John Adams1
449William Henry Harrison0

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