Age at Mother's Death

  • At 77 years and 332 days, James Madison was the oldest president when his mother, Eleanor, died at age 98.
  • John Tyler was the youngest president to lose his mother - 7 years and 17 days.
  • Three presidents died before their mother - James K. Polk, James A. Garfield, and John F. Kennedy.
  • John Adams was the first president whose mother lived long enough to see him become president.
  • James Madison's mother was the first to live through his son's entire term in office.
  • When Herbert Hoover's mother died when he was 9 years and 196 days old he became the youngest president to lose both parents.
  • The average age of a president at the passing of their mother is about 42 years old.
  • * indicates the exact date of death is not known. These are estimates.

Rank#PresidentAge at Mother's Death
14James Madison77 years 332 days
243George W. Bush71 years 285 days
341George H. W. Bush68 years 160 days
433Harry S. Truman63 years 79 days
52John Adams61 years 170 days
618Ulysses S. Grant61 years 14 days
732Franklin D. Roosevelt59 years 220 days
839Jimmy Carter59 years 29 days
91George Washington57 years 185 days
1034Dwight D. Eisenhower55 years 332 days
1125William McKinley54 years 317 days
1237Richard M. Nixon54 years 264 days
1338Gerald R. Ford54 years 65 days
1445Donald J. Trump54 years 54 days
1540Ronald Reagan51 years 169 days
166John Quincy Adams51 years 109 days
1727William H. Taft50 years 84 days
1836Lyndon B. Johnson50 years 16 days
1942Bill Clinton47 years 140 days
2017Andrew Johnson47 years 46 days
2122 & 24Grover Cleveland45 years 117 days
2229Warren G. Harding44 years 199 days
2319Rutherford B. Hayes44 years 16 days
2415James Buchanan42 years 21 days
2521Chester A. Arthur39 years 103 days
2612Zachary Taylor38 years 19 days
2744Barack Obama34 years 95 days
288Martin Van Buren34 years 73 days
2914Franklin Pierce34 years 14 days
303Thomas Jefferson32 years 353 days
3128Woodrow Wilson31 years 108 days
3213Millard Fillmore31 years 85 days
3326Theodore Roosevelt25 years 110 days
349William Henry Harrison19 years 142 days *
3523Benjamin Harrison16 years 360 days
365James Monroe15 years 248 days *
377Andrew Jackson14 years 232 days
3830Calvin Coolidge12 years 253 days
3916Abraham Lincoln9 years 235 days
4031Herbert Hoover9 years 196 days
4110John Tyler7 years 17 days
-11James K. PolkDied before mother
-20James A. GarfieldDied before mother
-35John F. KennedyDied before mother

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