Age at Marriage

  • Andrew Johnson was the youngest to be married at 18 years 139 days.
  • Benjamin Harrison was the oldest to be married at 62 years 229 days (his second).
  • Grover Cleveland was the oldest to be married for the first time at 49 years 76 days.
  • James Buchanan is the only president to never have been married.
  • The average age of the presidents for their first marriage is 28 years.
  • The average age of the presidents for all marriages is 32 years.
  • Only Reagan and Trump have been divorced.
  • Six presidents have been married twice.
  • Only Trump has been married three times.
  • Tyler, Cleveland, and Wilson are the only presidents to marry while in office.
  • Grover Cleveland is the only president to be married in the White House.
  • Benjamin Harrison and Millard Fillmore are the only presidents to marry after leaving office.
  • John Tyler and Theodore Roosevelt are the only presidents to marry on their birthday.
  • + Second marriage
  • ++ Third marriage

Rank#PresidentAge at Marriage
123Benjamin Harrison62 years 229 days +
228Woodrow Wilson58 years 355 days +
345Donald J. Trump58 years 222 days ++
413Millard Fillmore58 years 34 days +
510John Tyler54 years 89 days +
622 & 24Grover Cleveland49 years 76 days
745Donald J. Trump47 years 189 days +
84James Madison43 years 182 days
940Ronald Reagan41 years 27 days +
1035John F. Kennedy36 years 106 days
1138Gerald R. Ford35 years 93 days
1233Harry S. Truman35 years 51 days
1316Abraham Lincoln33 years 265 days
1430Calvin Coolidge33 years 92 days
1543George W. Bush31 years 122 days
1644Barack Obama31 years 59 days
1745Donald J. Trump30 years 297 days
1819Rutherford B. Hayes30 years 87 days
1921Chester A. Arthur30 years 20 days
206John Quincy Adams30 years 15 days
2114Franklin Pierce29 years 361 days
2242Bill Clinton29 years 53 days
232John Adams28 years 361 days
2440Ronald Reagan28 years 354 days
2527William H. Taft28 years 277 days
263Thomas Jefferson28 years 263 days
2728Woodrow Wilson28 years 178 days
2811James K. Polk28 years 60 days
2926Theodore Roosevelt28 years 36 days +
3025William McKinley27 years 361 days
315James Monroe27 years 294 days
3237Richard M. Nixon27 years 163 days
3320James A. Garfield26 years 358 days
341George Washington26 years 319 days
357Andrew Jackson26 years 309 days
3618Ulysses S. Grant26 years 117 days
3736Lyndon B. Johnson26 years 82 days
3813Millard Fillmore26 years 29 days
3934Dwight D. Eisenhower25 years 260 days
4029Warren G. Harding25 years 248 days
4112Zachary Taylor25 years 209 days
4231Herbert Hoover24 years 184 days
438Martin Van Buren24 years 78 days
4432Franklin D. Roosevelt23 years 46 days
4510John Tyler23 years
469William Henry Harrison22 years 286 days
4726Theodore Roosevelt22 years
4839Jimmy Carter21 years 279 days
4941George H. W. Bush20 years 208 days
5023Benjamin Harrison20 years 61 days
5117Andrew Johnson18 years 139 days
5215James BuchananNever married

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